If you need your ring to be sized larger, one of our professionals at Rafaello & Co will make a cut at the base of the ring (on the shank) opposite to diamond/gemstone. Once the cut in the shank is made, the professional adds a small piece of gold matching the color and karat of the ring to increase the perimeter to the new size. After the adjustment is complete, the ring is measured with a mandrel to confirm the proper sizing. The professional polishes the entire ring to achieve an even shine.


To the ring smaller, the procedure is the exact opposite. A professional will cut out a section of the base and mold the remaining ring around the mandrel to the correct size. This process of cutting the shank, and adding or subtracting gold to resize a ring does not reduce the rings storability when done accurately. Keep in mind; we do not have each ring in plenty other sizes in stock. For eternity ring (rings that have diamonds sets all the way around on the band) these classes of rings will not be suitable for a typical sizing.


A new ring will be made for that specific size. Attaching sizing beads to the inner base of the ring to make the ring smaller is an efficient option. Due to our generous warranty, if the item was purchased in Rafaello & Co. the customer will not be charged for sizing. These exceptions do not apply for items not purchased in Rafaello & Co. The process and material (gold) for the expansion of ring will not be added to the final cost price.


Bracelets and Necklaces

When items are resized, the extra links will not be deducted from the cost price regardless if they contain diamonds. If possible, the options of making a new piece from the extra links such as pendent(s), earring(s) or charm(s) is available. Contact us to speak with an associate. These exceptions do not apply for items not purchased in Rafaello & Co