The Rafaello & Co Brand

By daring to be different, Rafaello & Company are third generation jewelers who lead in innovation and distinction while exuding artistry, quality and customer service. While constructing one of a kind pieces for the likes of Saudi royalty to lacing Jay Z with a five kilo chain, to being the go-to location for elegant engagement rings - the jewelers at Rafaello & Co are jewelers of the people.

While Rafaello & Co. was started only several years ago, the three men behind the business have been working in the jewelry industry for over twenty years, rightfully earning the title of “jeweler to the stars.” After emigrating from Russia in 1985, Rafael Aranbayev, Eric Aranbayev, Gabriel Jacobs and their families settled in Brooklyn, New York. Finally freed from communist Russia, the three men made the decision to go into business together. By 1986, their dream became a reality when they opened Mair’s, a wholesale jewelry company. The successful company serviced over fifteen hundred stores all over the country. By 2009, Mair’s was so successful that the three believed it was time to take the next step and start their own jewelry line, and so Rafaello & Co. was created.

The opulent line focuses on providing the highest quality timepieces and jewelry while offering unbeatable prices. In addition to creating and carrying their own signature pieces, Rafaello & Co. offers a variety of brands and carries everything from luxurious Swiss timepieces to fine pieces of jewelry. The company’s commitment to being synonymous with lavish, quality merchandise has not gone unnoticed, as Rafaello & Co. has designed unique pieces and signature watches for a number of well known celebrities, including Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, Т-Pain, Just Blaze, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Freeney, Drake, and Jay Z, to name a few. Rafaello & Co., also known as the “jeweler to the stars,” definitely delivers quality as the entire line exudes luxury, class, and timeless style.